24 Volt Heavy Duty Jump Starter J24

  • The J24 is a wheel around DC power source, designed to provide a convenient, reliable means of jump-starting trucks, coaches etc. For its starting power the J24 uses a large AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) high-capacity batteries.
  • Dimensions are 95cm (H), 63cm (W), 34cm (W)
  • To ensure quick recovery of J24 battery starting power, the J24 is equipped with heavy duty multistage 10 amp chargers which when used properly will maintain the J24 batteries in a fully charged state.
  • The exceptionally tough Polyethylene case is shatterproof and ideal for the most demanding commercial environment.
  • With an overall length more than 2 meters, the 50mm highly flexible cable ensures the operator can connect the flat batteries in the engine bay with the J24 Jump starter pack whilst securely on the ground.
  • The J24 Jump starter pack is fitted with a 500-amp fuse to protect the battery from a short circuit or excessive engine cranking.
  • The cables are terminated to a 750-amp braided croc clips ensuring equal power distribution with minimal voltage loss.
  • Large 25 x 6.5cm run flat tyres.

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